Filers Seek Extension on Shortwave Petition

Filers Seek Extension on Shortwave Petition. ARRL to File Comments / via ARRL, 07/31/2023

Since May, ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® has been reviewing the rules proposed in a petition before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from the “Shortwave Modernization Coalition” (SMC). The ARRL Laboratory has been studying the petition out of concern for potential interference to Amateur Radio communications.

Comments on the petition, RM-11953, were due to FCC by July 31, 2023 (see previous ARRL News story, below). However, a 30-day extension of time was requested by both Skywave Networks LLC and FlexRadio Systems.

The timely request from Skywave automatically triggered an extension to the filing deadline. Under FCC rules, when a request for extension is made within the appropriate time frame, commenters may file comments until a date set by FCC when it rules on the extension request, or no earlier than two business days after the FCC decision. On Monday, July 31, the FCC denied the request for extension. Comments therefore may continue to be filed through Wednesday, August 2.

In its petition, SMC, a group that appears to represent high-speed stock trading interests, has proposed amending the FCC Part 90 rules to allow introduction of high-power digital communications to the shortwave spectrum that in many instances is immediately adjacent to the amateur HF bands.

ARRL’s comments on the matter will be based on the analysis by its laboratory and guided by its experienced Washington, D.C. regulatory affairs counsel. ARRL will use the extension to best represent the interests of its members and the Amateur Radio Service.