The ARRL has sections, which are enthusiastic ham volunteers (Field Organization) to help conduct Section Business. Here are the people in the Santa Clara Valley that support our section.

James Armstrong / NV6W, Section Manager (SM)

Wayne Opp / N6BTU, Assistant Section Manager (ASM)

John Parks / W6JPP, Assistant Section Manager (ASM)

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), Vacant

Tim Howard / KE6TIM, District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Robert Ritchey / KJ6FFP, District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Tim Takeuchi / W6TST, District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Angelo Dragone / N6QAD, Emergency Coordinator (EC)

Louis Arbanas /  NJ6H, District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Linda Bennett, W6LJB, District Emergency Coordinator (DEC)

Suellene Petersen / K6CPA, Public Information Coordinator

Heatherly Takeuchi / N6HKT, Public Information Officer (PIO)

Lisa Chupity / W6LSC, Public Information Officer (PIO)

Allison Hershey / KM6RMN, Public Information Officer (PIO)

Don Anastasia / AA6W, Public Information Officer (PIO)