ARRL CEO interviewed on “W1DED in Maine

ARRL CEO interviewed on “W1DED in Maine”/ via ARRL

ARRL CEO David Minster, NA2AA, was interviewed on the “W1DED in Maine” YouTube channel, In the nearly hour-long chat with host Kevin Thomas, Minster shared quite a bit about things going on at ARRL. He talked about the culture within the organization, the impact social media has on amateur radio, and how he approaches listening to members. The pair also covered the results of the recent ARRL dues survey.

The “W1DED in Maine” YouTube channel is dedicated to the core principle of asking for advice, perspective, and inspiration from experienced amateur radio operators around the world. The concept of sharing experiences is fundamental to ham radio, and through this channel, viewers can connect with experts in their particular niche, gain knowledge from their point of view, and seek help with issues that can’t always be solved through trial and error or found in a book.

The channel started when Thomas was trying to get back into the hobby. “I did what hams have been doing forever — I reached out to other hams to ask questions. I then realized I should be recording the conversations because the perspective might be useful,” said Thomas.

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