Wildfires Burning in Santa Cruz, San Mateo Counties Continue to Grow

SFGate reference specific to these events — https://tinyurl.com/y39t6cx9

“Cal Fire said crews responded to 10 vegetation fires across San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties overnight as fierce winds whipped through the mountains and valleys. Some of the blazes broke out in the burn scar of the CZU Lightning Fire, a massive blaze that consumed 86,509 acres in

“All engines are committed to these fires today, with more resources coming in from other units,” Cal Fire said. The National Weather Service had a high wind warning in effect for elevations above 1,000 feet in the San Francisco Bay Area through 10 a.m. Tuesday. A wind advisory was issued for the North Bay, East Bay, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz through 6 p.m. Tuesday.”

See also https://tinyurl.com/y46gdvxu

A request vacated by the DEC on January 19, 2021:

[SLV] [All] Cancel ARES Standby for Activation Requested

I just got a notification from our County EOC that it is ok for us to stand down and thank you for being ready if needed. 

Big Thank You to John for being the resource net control and keeping track of people who volunteered.  He is putting the information out over
the net as I type this. 

Thank you to others who also helped get information to people that had no power or internet. 

Hope you all have a good evening. 

Robert Ritchey
Santa Cruz County DEC