Message from our District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) Louis Arbanas / NJ6H

Message from our District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) Louis Arbanas / NJ6H, dated January 31, 2021:

Good morning, Jim,

I hope you weathered last week’s storm and all is well with you and yours.

It is remarkable to see storm damage now in 1080i on the newscasts. Reporters are using miniaturized recording equipment and even drones for views never before possible.

First responders had access to some of this new age technology and were able to effectively deploy their resources.

I am pleased to report regional and local commercial communications held steady (outages quickly addressed) and performed as expected over the amazing size of our county. The terrain being some of the most remote in places. Interesting to note that broadband and cell being the go to for first notice of vital information in both Spanish and English.

We have a large marine border as well with commercial fishing and recreational boater exposure. High surf conditions added to the complexity of this storm.

Local hams monitor K6JE before, during, and after the storm for possible calls for help. None were logged.

While there was localized wind and water damage, power outages, mudslides and road failure hams were not needed this time but continue to drill for when we may not be so lucky.


Lou Arbanas NJ6H

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