Lewis and Clark Trail OTA

Lewis and Clark Trail OTA, by Marilyn Melhorn, AF7MM

Our first LCTOTA event was a bigger success than we thought it would be. We were happy with the activity and the results. As you know, Lewis and Clark set out for a two year journey from Pennsylvania to Oregon in 1804. Thomas Jefferson sent them out to explore the land west of the Mississippi, which was part of the Louisiana Purchase.

All of us on the committee chose to honor Lewis and Clark for their expedition, which lead to Oregon and Washington becoming part of the USA.

We want to thank all the activating stations, the 20 stations in each of the 16 states from Pennsylvania to Oregon, that Lewis and Clark traveled through.

The clubs involved were Oregon Tualatin Valley ARC (OR), Clark Co ARC (WA), Kootenai ARS (ID), Palouse Hills ARC (ID), Great Falls Area ARC (MT), Central Dakota ARC (ND), Souris Valley ARC (ND), Sioux Empire ARC (SD), Belview ARC (NE), Great River ARC (IA), Pilot Knob ARC (KS), Central Missouri RA (MO), Lewis and Clark RC (IL), Clark Co ARC (IN), Tri State ARS (IN), Bullitt ARS (KY), Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (KY), Portsmouth RC (OH), Eastern Panhandle ARC (WV), Steele City ARC (PA).

Thank you to each of these clubs whose members activated over a two week period to help make Lewis and Clark Trail OTA a success.

We had 25,393 QSOs completed from June 4-19, 2022. 609 logs were uploaded and 1432 activation hours were scheduled. We see this as a big success. Expect us back again next year.

Check out https://lctota.org/