Do you want to volunteer for Amateur Radio Support for the Big SurInternational Marathon?

Do you want to volunteer for Amateur Radio Support for the Big Sur International Marathon? If you do please email: Jeff Ackerman — KG6UYZ
at [email protected] for a volunteer form.

Event: Big Sur International Marathon Area of operation: Big Sur, Ca to Carmel, CA
Event Date: 4-28-2024
Race Start Time: 0645 hrs (Approximate)
Race End Time: 1230 hrs (Approximate)
Volunteer Start Time at Position: 0500 hrs (Approximate)

Positions Volunteers Staff: Mile/Aid Stations, SAG and other positions as requested by BSIM. (Positions Assigned by Event Coordinator).

What the positions’ duties encompass:

SAG: Five Sag operators will ride co-pilot with a driver and vehicle provided by the Marathon that travel the course picking up runners that cannot finish the race for various reasons. Runners picked up by a SAG are dropped off at various drop points along the course. SAG operators and SAG drivers will work together to navigate the course to pick up runners, pickup assignments are dispatched out by Net Control. Sag operators do not drive the vehicle, the SAG will come with a driver.

Mile / Aid Station: Operators are placed at one of 13 or 14 different Mile / Aid Stations where they will be responsible for reporting any kind of race traffic that needs to make its way back to Net Control. Such information could be major medicals, minor injuries, runner pickups, rogue vehicles on the course or any other vital info that may need to get passed back to Net Control or another Mile / Aid position or SAG vehicle.

Equipment Requirements: 

SAG: Operators should bring a mobile radio (dual band) with an accompanying magnetic-mount antenna and cigarette lighter plug . Operators should also bring a portable radio with good batteries to use as a backup radio or when you’re out of the SAG vehicle. In the event you should have to operate off of a portable radio in the vehicle, please bring an adapter cable to connect the mobile radio magnetic-mount antenna to your portable.

Mile / Aid Stations: Operators can operate mostly off portable radios (there are a few spots that portable do not work or have bad coverage, but a mobile/base radio is also encouraged if available. Mile/Aid station operators will be able to drive to their location on course and park their vehicle at the location. Portable radios should have good batteries that can last long enough for the duration of the event, bringing a spare charged battery is always encouraged.

Food: A buffet style breakfast will be provided early Sunday Morning, To-Go lunches will be provided for volunteers venturing out onto the course. A Marathon Volunteer base wide BBQ is provided to all volunteers of the Marathon after the race finishes, the volunteer BBQ is available until food runs out.

Volunteers will also receive a Big Sur International Marathon Volunteer T-Shirt at check in. More information is available and can be requested from Jeff—KG6UYZ at the email address listed above.