Club Meetings

Club meetings are happening. Several clubs continue with Zoom meetings. Turnout has been good, some clubs such as the NCDXC club has up to 50 attendees, which approaches the turnout at an in person meeting. Some people will be reluctant to attend in-person meetings even with the County approval. I see Zoom meetings being the norm for quite a while.

Ham Exams – Several VE groups are offering online testing for new and upgraded amateur licensing. The Saratoga VE Group has developed a sophisticated program (approved by ARRL) and is in Beta release. They have successfully administered tests. Applicants take the test remotely while VEs monitor both the test page and a separate phone camera. Those interested in an online test, contact Morris by email at: [email protected].

Two Meter net turnouts have been good. K6SA normally get 30 check-ins on their Sunday night net and W6PIY does well too, with 15-20 check-ins on Tuesday evening.

Santa Clara ARES/RACES recently conducted a successful simulated Pumpkin Festival Parade at Hellyer County Park. Those that participated were able to get out and work the event while being socially distanced. Other training and events are scheduled for the balance of the year. See for more info.