ARES / RACES Team Activation

On February 3, 2021, DEC Tim Howard / KE6TIM advised that Emergency Operations Centers in Santa Clara County were activated to provide communications support in Morgan Hill, following an accidental fiber cable cut that disrupted telephone and internet service in that city. Approximately 2,350 residents were temporarily without service. Fortunately, public safety communications systems were intact.

Report from KE6TIM —

Final update from County OEM, Forwarded For Your Situational Awareness:

Final: At 22:21 PDT on 2/3/21, Charter Communications reported that the Community Isolation affecting 4,031 VoIP users in the Morgan Hill area (zip code 95037) has been restored. The cause of the outage was due to a fiber cut. The damaged fiber has been repaired and all but 489 VoIP users have been fully restored.

*FYI: Charter will keep their ticket(s) open until all those remaining,
affected users restart/reboot their service to fully restore.
Time Outage Started: 02/3/2021 10:27 PDT
Time Outage Reported: 02/03/2021 11:29 PDT
Time of Resolution/Restoration: 2/3/2021 22:21 PDT
Total Outage Time: 11 hrs., 54 mins.
Jurisdiction(s) Affected: Morgan Hill PD
Reason For Outage: Fiber cut
Wireless Users Impacted: No
Wireline Users Impacted: No
VoIP Users Impacted: Yes

Tim Howard KE6TIM
District Emergency Coordinator (ARES)
Chief Radio Officer (RA