PAARA in the Park Event

PAARA in the Park Event, via Jim Thielemann / K6SV —

The Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association (PAARA) is pleased to announce PAARA in the Park.

PAARA is devoted to furthering all HAM Radio skills amongst members and friends for recreational purposes as well as for emergency communications. HAM Radio communications have proven critical in emergencies to be the only way of communicating between citizens and disaster response teams.

PAARA’s approximately 150 members always welcome new HAM Operators and those interested in learning about Amateur Radio and support them in their operations. Please join us on April 15th, 2023 at Memorial Park in Cupertino, CA. The event starts at 10 AM and runs until 4 PM. Food and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided around 12:30 PM. The event is open to members and non-members.

We are hosting a 3-band, (20M, 15M, 10M) fan dipole antenna build. We have 5 kits available on a first-come first served basis. The cost is $60, in advance, for the required supplies. Once complete, you will be able to test your antenna. You can find more information at:

We’ll be located in the Group Picnic Area. The best place to park is to take Stevens Creek Blvd., turn left on N Stelling Rd., then left on Alves Dr. Halfway down the block you’ll find a lot on the right. The Group Picnic Area is at the large grass field’s left end.

Two HF (high frequency) stations will be operating along with a GOTA (Get on the Air) station so anyone can try their hand at operating HF. We plan on operating on whatever band is open on the 15th so check the spotting sites to see where we’re operating. You are encouraged to bring any radio or antenna to the event. You can use one of the hex beam antennas we set up with your radio or your antenna with our radio or both your radio and antenna.

We look forward to seeing everyone there. It’s an opportunity to socialize with old friends and meet some new ones.