3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island Updates its Progress

3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island Updates its Progress

Two new team members of the upcoming 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet have come aboard to replace, in part, three operators who have determined they’d be unable to make the trip — Sandro Nitoi, VE7NY; Laci Radócz, HA0NAR, and Dimtry Zhikharev, RA9USU. Joining the 3Y0J crew will be Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC, and Otis Vicens, NP4G. A third replacement has not yet been named.

“Their experience will be a great addition to the team,” the DXpedition team said in a media release announcing the personnel changes and updating the DXpedition’s planning process.

Ken Opskar, LA7GIA; Rune Øye, LA7THA, and Erwann Merrien, LB1QI, are sharing leadership duties.

The 3Y0J team has also been busy selecting the gear that they will need once they reach the subantarctic island. Arctic Lavvo of Norway will supply the team with its Venor Gamme tent. “Arctic Lavvo will deliver custom-made tents to the project, [which will] include three tents for radio operation and sleeping. The manufacturer, having its factory at 70° north, is taking the extra step to ensure their high-quality products will sustain the Bouvet climate.”

The tent, which stood up to winds of 40 meters per second (nearly 90 MPH) when it was tested in extreme conditions on Svalbard, will be improved further by adding extra guying levels and by strengthening the aluminum frame.

Silcom of South Africa will supply custom masts for the Yagi antennas that are rated for the Bouvet environment. The aluminum mast will be used for the tribanders, while the smaller, galvanized steel mast will support dual-band Yagis. “All masts have been through detailed engineering to optimize the technical specification and rating to fit our InnovAntenna/WiMo Yagis,” the DXpedition team said. The square, telescoping masts have tilt-over functionality and “can easily handle [winds of] 45 meters per second at an elevation of 10 meters.”

“We’re taking preparation to the next level by procuring a [Zodiac Milpro inflatable boat],” the team continued. “The strategic decision to buy the [boat] will enable us to train [for] the critical beach landing in Norway. Having access to the exact same Zodiac we will use at Bouvet is just another step we have taken to ensure the success of this DXpedition,” the team said.

So far, the team has expended more than $130,000 of its total estimated cost. “We have reached an income level of $500,000, but still critically need an additional $160,000 in support to be able to make it,” the DXpedition said. “Going to Bouvet is a huge undertaking financially, as all our expenses are upfront.”

Follow the team’s plans via its website https://www.3y0j.no/ or the 3Y0J Facebook page — https://www.facebook.com/groups/3093983840726129

View Bouvet Island from above in a short YouTube video — https://youtu.be/YaMaR21075U