Secret Isotropic Antenna Project

Presenting two current writings by Suellene Petersen / K6CPA, our Public Information Coordinator:

Secret Isotropic Antenna Project

In our last newsletter, we had a stunning report from Allison Hershey that revealed that a secret underground lab existed at UCSC wherein the students had invented an Isotropic  Antenna. Unfortunately for Allison, her spies who discovered this secret project, were more than willing to accept a bribe to reveal the exact location of this antenna.

After working our way through the tunnels and sneaking into the lab we were able to photograph the project. Actually it is a work-in-progress, but it is almost ready to be put online. Currently, the students are fine tuning the apparatus and it should soon be available for use shortly.

In the event that any readers of Allison’s article were fooled into thinking that the Antenna really did not exist, we took a photograph of it as proof of its existence.

Please see the referenced image —