Robert Ritchey / KJ6FPP (DEC), Issued Multiple Advisories to His ARES Group

[SLV] [All] Activation for storm Likely

One more update before things get crazy. Some ARES personnel were activated yesterday for supporting a few things. It was short lived but this should hopefully show how quickly things change. 

This will probably be the last email some of you receive this week due to the expected power outages and damages. I might not have time to give as many updates either.

Please remember if you are activated by us you must have your Communications DSW ID card. Be prepared to take care of yourself, Make sure you are using your 214 log. The incident name and Activation number will be given to you when you are activated.  If you do not get this information from us then you have not been activated and will not be covered under the DSW program under the ARES activation. 

Also please remember to stay out of the evacuation areas unless you have been activated by us and sent there.  Please also remember the 214 logs get turned into us no one else. Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself. Scanning and emailing to the EOC radio room email address is also accepted.


Our resource net will be on WB6ECE UHF 441.3000rx 446.3000tx  Tone 100.0 Hz  5 COUNTY MULTICAST REPEATER SYSTEM

Please keep in mind other counties may be using this system as well so we might have to identify as Santa Cruz County Resource Net. If you don’t hear a net please feel free to start one. Every hour on the hour Net Controls should be making an announcement of what the net is if it is a slow net. Anyone can start a net. We don’t need to be activated by the county in order to start a net and do our “Discovery Mode.” Keep in mind handheld radio coverage in the northern part of the county on WB6ECE UHF is limited due to the loss of the Bonny Doon WB6ECE radio tower in the fire.

Our Tactical nets will be given to you at the time of your activation.

Another Quick reminder of the new frequency list that is on our website that was released in October. Now is a good time to update your radio or radios to match that new list if you haven’t done so already. We have made it very easy for you to import into Chirp or RT-Systems radios with many models presetup and ready to go.

KSCO 1080AM will be used by the county to help get emergency information to the public that can’t get it any other way.

I hope everyone stays safe out there and thank you to all.

Robert Ritchey
Santa Cruz County District Emergency Coordinator

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