RES Activation Likely Reverse 911 Call Warning of Evacuations

Another update. ARES Activation Likely Reverse 911 call warning of evacuations went out today. Tomorrow morning those calls will turn into mandatory evacuations.

Rainfall is now expected to be 12 inches of rain mostly happening Late Tuesday night, Wednesday and part Thursday. Added to the mix is now 50-60MPH winds Starting Tuesday morning which will bring lots of trees down on roads and lots of power outages.

Our resource net will be on WB6ECE UHF 441.3000rx 446.3000tx Tone 100.0 Hz 5 COUNTY MULTICAST REPEATER SYSTEM.

Please keep in mind other counties may be using this system as well so we might have to identify as Santa Cruz County Resource Net. If you don’t hear a net please feel free to start one. Every hour on the hour Net Controls should be making an announcement of what the net is if it is a slow net.

Robert Ritchey
Santa Cruz County District Emergency Coordinator

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