Message from Angelo Dragone / N6QAD

Message from Angelo Dragone / N6QAD, Emergency Coordinator (EC), dated January 25, 2021:

Here in La Honda we are in soft-activation and we will open the DOC at La Honda fire house tomorrow at noon continuing 24/7 . We have plans in place to support CERT teams in evacuating the zones at risk in our area (Butano creek, Gazos Creek, Whitehouse Canyon and Loma Mar (Wurr road) if requested and also to support search and rescue operations again if requested.

We will add WB6ECE to our com plan and monitor it. We will be active on our main repeater W6SCF (CMD31) on 146.73- 114.8 and the San Mateo County OES repeater on 146.805 – 114.8 also linked to 146.865- 114.8

We are able to relay winlink emails if needed.

Best, Angelo

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