Cycle 25 Means Increased Old-School Cw Activity Here

Cycle 25 means increased old-school CW activity here. After amassing no less than seventeen (17) illy espresso cans, I went ahead and built Hiroki / AH6CY’s compact tin-can antenna for 15 meters, as discussed in the August 2021 QST.

In a word, amazing performance from this device, straight out of the gate. First contact was Suke / JM7OLW in Fukushima, who heard me on the first call, at 100 watts.  なるほど ! (Naruhodo!)

Observed: there’s low noise and certain directivity. Suke-san was inaudible when I switched to a sloping dipole. Also, the tin-can marvel works quite well on 10 meters. All of this with a 1970s-era TS-520S pi-network, a copper wire radial system, RG8X, and no antenna tuner.

See the log entry here  – 22/02/21 21:59U NV6W 21.0190 CW

More importantly, kudos to our section member AH6CY for his exemplary engineering design !