Bob Heil from Heil Sound

Bob Heil / K9EID gave a fascinating presentation at PAARA’s Zoom meeting on April 2nd, 2021.  Here’s a summary of that event, from the organization’s website:

“Bob Heil from Heil Sound”

“Bob Heil, K9EID: A reflection of one’s many contributions to the sound industry and amateur radio.  Bob will share stories from his earlier days as an organist, to working with famous musicians and the advancement of their sound.  Of course, we can’t forget about his superior audio products for your ham shack.  Bob promises to leave you with new tips on optimizing your station.”

“First licensed in 1956, Amateur Radio has been the foundation of my careers in the sound reinforcement industry as well as bringing high quality, articulate audio to Amateur Radio. Entering this great hobby during the best sunspot cycle helped me to focus on designing and building one of the first VHF SSB KW stations. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed designing many antennas, from the 128 element two meter ”J’ Beam array in 1960 to the latest – phased arrays on 40 and 75 meters. I enjoy all of the bands from 160 meters through two meters working my many friends and especially newcomers to this great hobby. Heil Sound is honored to be the only manufacturer in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.” 

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